le surf Hamper


le surf Hamper

le surf Hamper Hamper is presented in a black magnetic box finished off with a silk red ribbon.

Teddy and The fox Gin is included in the hamper

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  • Peanut Brittle Slab – optional

    Freckleberry Chocolate, Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Brittle Slab

    170gram Slab

    Pure Sweetness of sugar embedded with peanuts

  • Spottie Dotties – optional

    15 in stock

  • Large Freckle Heart – optional

    10 in stock

  • Chocolate drops Grumpy pills – optional

  • Kalamata Olives – optional

    9 in stock

  • Medium Fruitiness – optional

    25 in stock

  • Bushfire Smoked Chilli Sauce – optional

     Bushfire smoked chili Sauce

    with eucalyptus

    Smoky medium hot chili sauce and roasted capsicums with a hint of sweetness and eucalyptus.

    Bushfire smoked chili Sauce , served well with BBQ meats and char grilled vegetables.

     Food symphony is a thriving small business from Lara in Geelong region.

    20 in stock

  • Fasties Honey – optional

    25 in stock

  • Rum and Sticky Date sauce – optional

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari blend – optional

    20 in stock

  • Tomatoe And Barbeque Sauce – optional

    19 in stock

  • Baby Panda Teddy – optional

    My name is Kiela,

    I am a baby Panda teddy, I am a soft bundle of cuteness and softness

    • Keila stands 20cm in height.
    • Black and white in colour
    • white paws.
    • Big brown eyes

    12 in stock

  • Baby Kitten Teddy – optional

    12 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Garlic and Parsley Mustard – optional

  • Blood Plum Jam – optional

  • Tomatoe And Barbeque Sauce – optional

    19 in stock

  • Lemon & Rosemary infused sea salt

    20 in stock

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le surf Hamper

Surf Hamper

Curiosity Hampers will inspire you with le surf hamper.

Take a walk along The Bellarine

  and Geelong taste trail.




du vin – Bière Hamper

rosey et les lapins Hamper

Our Journey

Teddy & The Fox Gin

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