Our Journey

Our Journey

Our Journey that inspired the creation of Curiosity Hampers

Geelong and Bellarine Rail Trail

32 km of trail, Starts from South Geelong and ends in Queenscliff.

This started the well known Bellarine taste trail.

tempted Bellarine rail taste trail
Bellarine Peninsula


The Bellarine Penisnula has abundance of wineries to visit.



The Bellarine Peninsula is surrounded by beautiful beaches.You are never far from the sea

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Curiosity Hampers Journey

We have been lucky to live on the Bellarine Peninsula in Geelong all our life and proud to say this is my family’s home.

My partner and I have worked as chefs across the Bellarine for approximately 25 years. We have always encouraged others within our kitchen, to use and source local produce.

This had given us, as chef’s the opportunity to introduce to all, visitors, and locals the broad range of taste and flavours the Bellarine area had to offer. 

Visitors were always curious on the produce, and we were always happy to direct them to the local business.

Curiosity Hampers came to life due to this curiosity.

Our journey will allow us to introduce to you, friends, family and businesses, The taste of the Geelong and The Bellarine Peninsula Taste Trail.

Welcome to Bellarine’s Taste Trail.

Our hampers will contain products to stimulate your palate.

You will discover exciting new products which will leave a  long-lasting impression which will stimulate your Curiosity more.

Take the first sip of freshly brewed craft beers.

Local grown preserves and condiments fresh from farm gates.

Dive into olive oils that look like liquid gold.

Welcome to The Bellarine Taste Trail and allow Curiosity Hampers to guide you to our part of of Australia.

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